Our Suppliers

At Anytime Garage Doors, it is our mission to provide our customers with the very best services and products in garage door and opener repair, service and installation. In fact, the brands we carry are some of the industry’s top performers; always meeting the requirements of customers all across Utah. For a free estimate or to request more information about our products, contact us or call us at 801-269-8463 today for service in Salt Lake County and Utah County.

Martin Garage Doors is dedicated to providing long-lasting quality and peace of mind. This is made possible because their hardware is better than their competitors. A good example of this is their lift cables, which are quite thicker than ordinary cables. These cables have a longer life expectancy because of their extra width which never lets them slip or break. Such details in the Martin products make them truly outstanding, which is why we carry them.

As a family owned company, Amarr has over fifty years of experience in all makes and models of garage doors. Their enormous experience has made them one of the world’s best designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of garage doors and related products. Though Amarr is renowned for its stylish designs and innovative technology, they also recognize the first principle: a garage door must be safe and heavy-duty. With the use of high quality materials such as durable steel they ensure that both the requirements are met. We are proud to be associated with this esteemed organization.

Northwest Door offers one of the widest ranges of high quality residential and industrial garage doors. They are known for distributing only to the most acclaimed installation and garage door repair companies, and it is not surprising that we happen to be one of their partners. We are thrilled to be a certified Northwest Door provider. Since the mid-1950s, Northwest has been producing steel and aluminum doors for housing and industrial properties and providing a wide variety of styles and sizes.

SSCORP (Service Spring Corp)
In the early 60’s, SSCORP took the garage door industry by storm almost immediately after it was founded. This however, was only the beginning. Since their founding, they have been providing their customers with quality products made with years of experience and expertise. Through the decades they have contributed to the notable strides in the garage market, offering innovative products to customers around the nation. SSCORP is mainly known for the durability of their state-of-the-art garage springs, which often determine the quality of a garage door system. When we use SSCORP springs, we know that our repair and installation services will impress you.

Since the mid-fifties, Wayne-Dalton has been developing highly advanced garage door technology for their systems. They continue to come up with innovative ideas as the years roll on. They are now recognized as one of the world’s best brands in garage door and garage door openers. But it’s not merely their commitment to new technology that has made them stand apart. Wayne-Dalton understands the significance of a green earth and has persistently strived for more eco-friendly solutions over the years. In the 70s, Wayne-Dalton had set up a plant in Mt Hope to develop an energy efficient, insulated garage door. Anytime Garage Doors is proud to offer their environmentally sound garage doors to our customers.